From formulating chemicals to final part fabrication Elliott Company controls the entire ELFOAM manufacturing process. Such control allows us to closely monitor product quality, inventory levels and available capacity which in turn minimizes lead times and makes expedited service possible. Because shipping is coordinated internally as well, Elliott is also able to assist with most outbound product logistics including dispute resolution and priority delivery.


Based in Indianapolis Indiana Elliott Company is literally at the crossroads of America. Our convenient access to four major U.S. interstates means more carrier choices, shorter delivery times and lower transportation costs.


Elliott Company of Indianapolis was founded in 1958 by Charles R. Elliott to manufacture structural foam core building panels. In 1963, the company commenced manufacturing rigid polyurethane foam insulation for use in their own panel products. Shortly thereafter Elliott’s ELFOAM brand insulations started to be produced and sold to other manufacturers and distributers. Panel production was discontinued in 1970 to concentrate on manufacturing and selling polyurethane foam insulation.

In 1985, new industry technology enabled Elliott to convert their products to a higher performing “polyisocyanurate foam” – commonly called “polyiso” foam. Throughout the 90’s several new ELFOAM products lines were introduced offering customers a wider selection of physical properties. Today Elliott Company, now a third generation family business, remains committed to supplying and developing rigid foam products that are innovative, environmentally responsible and – above all – meet our customers’ ever changing needs.